NSF SaTC Community Forum

The primary goal of this project is to connect the ecosystem of disparate community practitioners and researchers within the growing, cross-disciplinary field of Secure and Trustworthy CyberSpace (SaTC) by conceptualizing, designing, building, hosting, and maintaining an open source website. This website will advance community building, education, and collaboration in the SaTC and related research and development (R&D) program areas. These services will be enabled via the provisioning of wide-ranging information repository and collaboration services made possible via a robust content management system. The rich assortment of SaTC historic, current, and future multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, user-provided and administrator-collected content will be provisioned into a customizable, easy to use, searchable, and interactive online format.

The SaTC Community Forum will connect different science and engineering disciplines, R&D, and researchers and will provide robust data repositories, open collaboration services, and a rich set of virtual communication tools that currently do not exist under one roof. The SaTC Community Forum repositories could advance the state of SaTC knowledge and learning by advancing the collection and dissemination of educational materials to better prepare early career researchers; stimulate collaboration via the development of professional networks around shared resources of mutual interest; and advance the rapid publication of research findings, tools, and techniques for use by the broader SaTC research community, including industry, as a whole. These resources will be made available to users and visitors globally.

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National Science Foundation