Prowler: Probabilistic Wireless Network Simulator

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Networked Embedded Systems (NEST) are large-scale distributed systems with resource limited processing nodes tightly coupled to physical processes via sensors and actuators. Applications running on this distributed platform are strongly affected by the communication channel. Simulators are capable of simulating the behavior of the devices, but usually don't simulate the effects of the communication channels. However, imperfect wireless communication channels greatly affect the performance of the applications, so it is necessary to incorporate in the simulators to get accurate results. Prowler is a probabilistic wireless network simulator capable of simulating wireless distributed systems, from the application to the physical communication layer.

Prowler, running under MATLAB, provides an easy way of application prototyping with nice visualization capabilities.

Although Prowler provides a generic simulation environment, its current target platform is the Berkeley MICA mote running TinyOS.

You can download Prowler here. Here are some documents: