WIPER: Wireless anti Poaching collar for Elephants and Rhinos

WIPER is a novel wireless animal-borne anti-poaching device that provides an immediate alert with a GPS location to authorities once a shot is detected near the protected animals. WIPER is based on a low-power acoustic shot detector integrated into existing GPS tracking collars currently being used to study a wide variety of animals. As opposed to muzzle blast-based detectors, WIPER detects the ballistic shockwave generated by the bullet that cannot be muffled by suppressors commonly used by poachers.

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Female Elephant with Wireless GPS-collar (Save the Elephants)
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WIPER System Illustration

The project won second place in the Vodafone Wireless Innovation Project competition in 2017. 


Check out a brief presentation at the Social Inovation Summit



Vodaphone Americas Foundation
Lead PI
Akos Ledeczi