Ted Bapty received a DOD award from Precise Systems titled, “Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Support.”

Vanderbilt University was awarded a contract of $1.2M by Precise Systems to support NAVAIR PMA-209 for the FACETM Standard, an Open Architecture approach to creating reusable, interoperable software for DoD Platforms.  The FACE Consortium was formed in 2010 to define an open avionics environment for all military airborne platform types.  This effort includes the continued development and maintenance of the Conformance Test Suite (CTS) tool. The CTS tool is the mandated conformance test and is used to validate all software component deliveries that are required to be conformant to the FACE standard.  CTS has been officially adopted by the FACE Consortium.  It is publicly and freely available via the Open Group FACE website and supports FACE Technical Standard Editions 2.x and 3.x.

Vanderbilt has been an Academia team member supporting the FACE standard development effort since its inception in 2009 and continues to provide key technical guidance in many areas of the FACE Consortium. Three ISIS members are listed as Principal Authors of the FACE Technical Standard. 

Team: Robert Daniels, Di Yao, Robert Owens, Fred Eisele, Will Banks, Joseph Hite, Harmon Nine; PI: Ted Bapty, Co-PI: Jason Scott