Executive Council established to lead ISIS

An Executive Council of senior engineering leaders has been created to oversee governance of the School of Engineering’s Institute for Software Integrated Systems.

“A substantial rise in the number of affiliated faculty, professional research staff, and students as well as growing significance of the Institute’s core research areas made it necessary to establish a governance model that can scale to the projected growth of ISIS,”said Janos Sztipanovits, former ISIS Director, E. Bronson Ingram Distinguished Professor of Engineering and professor of computer science.

In addition to Sztipanovits, council members are Chair Sandeep Neema, professor of computer science; Gabor Karsai, professor of computer science and co-associate chair of computer engineering; Xenofon Koutsoukos, chair of the Department of Computer Science; and Jonathan Sprinkle, professor of computer science. The chair, elected for three-year terms by the EC, serves as Institute Director for the School of Engineering.

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