Computing the Biome Team at NSF Expo 2022

The "Computing the Biome” convergent research team will be participating in the 2022 NSF Convergence Accelerator Expo to begin on July 27th. This is following the teams' awarded $5 million cooperative agreement to advance to phase 2 of the National Science Foundation’s 2020 Convergence Accelerator program. 

The Computing the Biome project is developing technology to detect biological threats and predict disease outbreaks in major U.S. cities. Over the course of the next two years the team — consisting of engineers, computer scientists, biologists, epidemiologists, public health and policy experts from Microsoft’s, Harris County Public Health, John Hopkins University, University of Pittsburgh Medical School, Vanderbilt University and University of Washington — will also develop a framework for economic sustainability and global scalability to ensure continued impact beyond NSF support.

Registration is currently open to attend the 2022 NSF CA Expo and here more about the Computing the Biome and other Convergence Accelerator Phase II teams' recent work.