ADVISER: An Advanced cloud-based Data- and Visualization-Integrated Simulation EnviRonment (ADVISER)

ADVISER is a command-line or web-based software tool that provides a user-friendly interface to run any existing computational science or learning code in the cloud.  Our goal is to eliminate the barriers for researchers and students to harness the limitless compute power of the cloud.  The science and societal impact of ADVISER is being demonstrated using the Icepack software for computational glaciology, which allows modeling and understanding Antarctic ice sheet changes and sea level rise.

The ADVISER project has received generous support from Vanderbilt University (via a Seeding Success grant) and from the National Science Foundation (via award #2324735).  Via the latter grant, ADVISER is a project under the NSF's National Discovery Cloud for Climate initiative.

Award Number
NSF, Vanderbilt University
Lead PI
David Hyde
Ravindra Duddu (Vanderbilt University), Daniel Shapero (University of Washington), Catherine Walker (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)